What to Bring Along When Selling to Planet Automotive

April 12th, 2018 by

Here at Planet Automotive, we want to make the car buying process as easy as possible for you. Below is what to bring along when selling to Planet Automotive!

Your Vehicle

First things first you will need to bring your vehicle with you. This may be an obvious one, but make sure to bring it along. Before you come in, you should make sure your car is cleaned. You’ll want to get it detailed and vacuumed inside and out. That way you can get the best deal for your vehicle.


When you bring your car into Planet Automotive, make sure you bring along all the necessary paperwork. One piece of paperwork you will need to bring along is the title so we can verify you are the owner. You will also want to bring other paperwork like your registration and insurance paperwork. You’ll also want any paperwork from your lender explaining how much money is left on the car if you owe any.

Vehicle components

Along with paperwork, you will need to bring along any necessary parts to the car you may have removed. You will want to make sure you bring your vehicle’s owner’s manual along. You will also want to bring any keys or spare keys, along with any key fobs you have. You will also need to bring any components that were removable. For example, if there are removable headrests or floor mats. You will also want to note if there are any aftermarket parts in your vehicle.

There are multiple benefits to selling your vehicle to Planet Automotive. We take old cars off your hands the day of and give you some peace of mind. We pay cash for your car and will travel to your home to appraise your car. If you bring your car to us, we can also provide transportation home. We are not a dealership so there will be no pressure from us to buy another car!

Sell Your Vehicle to Planet Automotive

If you are ready to sell your old car, call us, come over to the dealership, or schedule an appraisal and we will take a look at your vehicle! We hope we can assist you in your vehicle selling endeavors!