Great Accessories for your Pre-Owned Vehicle

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Best Used Car Accessories and Equipment
One of the best parts of the commuting experience is how easily it can be enhanced through additional accessories. Recently purchase a pre-owned vehicle and not entirely sure what else to pick up for a better time on the road? We’ve put together a list of recommended used car accessories and equipment for you to consider.
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For drivers with vehicles featuring a cassette tape player, Bluetooth cassette adapters are available. This will allow you to integrate your smartphone with your sound system and listen to your favorite music and podcasts much more efficiently. Certain adapters even come with a built-in microphone, allowing drivers to make hands-free calls.
Used Vehicle Driver Awareness and Navigation Accessories
Various driver assistance and awareness accessories are available for your vehicle. Various types of rearview cameras are available, some of which stream footage to an attachable dashboard display and others which stream the footage to a phone or other smart device. Portable heads-up displays are available as well, and often come with a variety of features. These devices allow drivers to make hands-free calls, control the sound system (availability varies by vehicle) and receive turn-by-turn directions.
There are plenty of other, convenient accessories drivers should consider purchasing. Dash cams are a good investment for legal purchases, but they also allow you to record your travels and put together time-lapse videos of your favorite parts of the journey. Various charging mounts are now available for smartphones, which allows drivers to access navigational phone features while keeping their hands on the wheel and without having to worry about running out of battery.
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