Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Car

April 11th, 2018 by

When you are ready to sell your car, it is important to make sure you check all the boxes before selling. Here are some mistakes to avoid when selling your car!

Inaccurate Price Listing

If you list your asking price too high, that will drive buyers away. On the other end, if your car is listed below value, you can miss out on profits that you should be getting. In order to make sure you are listing your car at a fair price, you can utilize pricing guides online, and see what similar cars are selling for in your area.

Poor Photos

You will want to make sure your car is clean before you take pictures. Once the pictures are taken, make sure they showcase the whole car. You’ll want pictures of all four sides, interior shots of the front seats, back seats, and dashboard. You’ll also want pictures of the wheels, inside of the trunk, and engine. Make sure you have multiple pictures with different angles of the outside of the car. Better pictures attract more buyers.

Vehicle is Dirty

When buyers see the car, whether in pictures or in person, how clean the car is can be an indication of how well it is taken care of. To increase the value of the car and make buyers more willing to purchase the vehicle you should have the car as clean as possible. This will include getting the car detailed, and making sure the rims and tires are clean. Get your floor mats washed and vacuumed, along with the seats, and wash windows and dashboard.

Poor Description of the Vehicle

When the vehicle is listed you will want to make sure you are not leaving out any vital information about the vehicle. Information that should be listed is mileage, accident history, any recent repairs or needed repairs, changes that have been made to the vehicle, VIN number, and vehicle condition.

Selling to Planet Automotive

If you are looking for an effortless way to sell your car look no further than Planet Automotive. To schedule an appraisal, you can give us a call or schedule online. Once we give you an offer, it’s good for 72 hours.

Have a vehicle you are ready to sell? Please contact us here at Plant Automotive, we look forward to buying it from you!

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